Why is a counsellor with an education background so important?

Written by Tina Myrteza

January 31, 2022

For any child to succeed to the best of their ability, they need the tools to cope with the emotional stressors that exist in every school. Inevitably, every child will encounter issues at some point with peer relationships, self-esteem, bullying and anxiety. It is when these issues start to impact their sense of self and their education that counselling should be considered. Counselling can provide your child with the strategies needed to empower them to cope with their problems in the long term. Effective counselling considers the whole child and is specific to each individual person depending on their circumstances.

Choosing a counsellor with an education background ensures that the tools and strategies your child is receiving are coming from someone who knows and understands how a child functions in a classroom and school. Often teachers are reluctant to implement recommendations from an external professional if they are not conducive to a classroom setting. It is important that the skills and strategies that your child is receiving through counselling are practical and appropriate and can be easily transferred into their school life.

A counsellor with an education background will choose counselling techniques that use evidence-based strategies combined with teaching techniques that are designed to engage and inspire their young clients. A teacher is trained to make adjustments that meet the individual needs of their students. They understand that adjustments can and should be modified depending on the progress made by the child. When your child is receiving counselling by a trained counsellor with an education background, they are indeed getting the best of both worlds!

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