Why do teachers need support to stay in the profession?

Written by Tina Myrteza

January 31, 2022

Teaching is arguably the most important job in the world and is becoming increasingly challenging. A crowded curriculum, increased paperwork and accountability, limited resources to support students with learning and behavioural difficulties, are but a few of the stressors that teachers face daily. In addition to these challenges Covid has added a new dimension to how teachers are expected to perform and support their students. As if their job wasn’t hard enough! Not surprisingly, many talented and dedicated teachers are choosing to seek employment in other fields, taking their skills, passion, experience, and knowledge with them. Teachers need support more than ever to stay in the profession and to be able to support the students entrusted into their care.

Accessing a counsellor who themselves is a teacher ensures that an educator is not only being heard, but being understood. There is a saying, “You have to be married to a teacher or be a teacher to understand what it’s like.” Counselling that is teacher focused is a niche area and is most effective when delivered by someone who firstly relates to the issues being faced by the client, but secondly can offer realistic, practical support that is applicable in a school setting.

A counsellor with a teaching background can also appreciate the stressors created by the job and how they impact the family setting. Teaching was never, and will never be, a 9 to 5 job. Every dedicated teacher carries a piece of their class with them, and the burden of the responsibility can be a heavy load to bare alone. Counselling can provide educators with a lifeline that allows them to exercise self-care that will ultimately benefit not only their own families but their students.

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