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Written by Tina Myrteza

June 3, 2022

As a diligent parent you have ensured that the school has been fully informed about your child’s special needs or family situation.  Your expectation is that the information you have provided will be handed down to the appropriate staff who will continue to support your child.  In most cases, this will happen, however, this expectation should never be taken for granted.

Most schools will endeavor to provide the incoming teacher with a suitable handover that outlines specific details about the child coming into their class.  Some teachers are very diligent and will organise a parent meeting early on in the term to specifically discuss your child’s needs and explain how the support will continue into the new year.  Other’s may simply apply the adjustments necessary to support your child and give you an update at the first interview.  In rare circumstances, there may have been a loss of communication and the teacher is unaware of past history. Either way, you have a responsibility as a parent to follow up with your child’s new teacher to ensure that the communication has been passed on and that the adjustments have been made.

Assuming that is all well because you haven’t heard from the school is not a reliable position to hold.  Your role is to continue to advocate for your child.  You would never pay a bill without checking the breakdown, so why wouldn’t you take the time to check with your child’s teacher about how they are progressing both academically and emotionally?  Don’t wait for your 15-minute interview (or 5 minutes if you’re in secondary school) twice a year, to hear the news.  Send that email or organise that interview so that you stay informed and aware of how your child’s needs are being met.

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