My ‘Perfect’ Facebook Family

Written by Tina Myrteza

April 1, 2022

We all know of that ‘picture perfect’ Facebook family where the mother and father are in a loving relationship and each of their beautiful children are successful, compliant, and well adjusted.  This type of family reminds me of a saying I once heard, “If only your life was as perfect as Facebook made it out to be!”

The truth is, parenting is hard, relationships take time and effort, and children are seldom raised without experiencing a degree of stress and anxiety along the way.  We are all on our own imperfect parenting journey as we try to navigate our roles, our responsibilities, and our own needs.  When we’re open and honest about our struggles, our limitations and our own frustrations and disappointments, we are more likely to learn and grow as parents.

Knowledge is power, and support empowers us.  We may never have the ‘perfect’ Facebook family but instead we can aim to have a family where resilience, courage, strength, and love are the defining features.  We know that our children will not always have a smooth ride and life will throw roadblocks their way.  But if they can learn to push through those roadblocks then what will remain is a resilience that will stay with them throughout their lives. 

As parents, we can gain the necessary knowledge to empower our children to lead their best lives. Counselling can be part of that process as it not only supports you as the parent but equips you with valuable tools that can help you cope with your own challenges.  Our children are looking towards us for guidance.  How we cope and react will in turn serve to be a model to our children. 

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