Frequently Asked Questions

What is your point of difference to other Counselling Practices?

At Cardia Counselling we pride ourselves on our life experience and school experience as being the cornerstone for our point of difference. Sending your child to a therapist who doesn’t have recent experience or knowledge within the school setting, limits how much they can assist your child. When we make recommendations, we consider strategies that are not only suitable but are also realistic within a school setting. Unrealistic recommendations are unlikely to be implemented by school staff if they are not suitable to a classroom with 28 children. To achieve long term success, all the key players must be invested in supporting your child. This is where our expertise and knowledge will be invaluable.

How do I know if I need a 30 minute or 60-minute appointment?

At your initial consultation, you can discuss time frames as part of your treatment plan. If your child is seeing a therapist, 60 minutes is advisable as time will need to be allocated at the start and end of therapy sessions to discuss concerns and strategies with you. A thirty-minute check in option is also available for adults if you prefer a shorter session that may occur more frequently.

Why am I paying upfront?

The time frame in between consultations is tight and we aim to use our time to discuss strategies and solutions, not payment. We understand that situations arise and our clients may need to cancel or reschedule. We will do our best to work with you and can reschedule appointments or refund your money.

How accessible is your practice?

Situated in the CBD, Cardia Counselling is accessible to the wider Brisbane population. Street parking is frequently available along Wickham Terrace and Bartley Street. If you choose to park in the building, you can access discounted public car parking at Watkins Medical Centre by paying in advance online

How does privacy and confidentiality apply to your practice?

At Cardia Counselling we comply with the Code of Ethics as stipulated by The Australian Counselling Association Code of Ethics and Practice (

Is your practice exclusively for children, parents, and school related issues?

Although we specialise in children and parents we do not exclusively cater for this demographic. Our counsellors are trained in general counselling skills and provide support for adults with a wide range of issues.

Can I claim on my private health fund?

Cardia Counselling holds eligibility for rebate from the following Health Funds and can issue you with a provider number:

  • Bupa
  • Teachers Union Health
  • Police Health Fund
  • Emergency Services Health
  • Phoenix Health
  • St Lukes Health
  • GMHBA and CUA Health (telehealth only)
  • Doctors Health Fund
  • Grand United
  • ARHG (Australian Regional Health Group)

​Clients who are self-managed NDIS participants may also be eligible to claim the service fee.

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